The snow is FINALLY gone and vacation season is not far off! We open on May 9th and we’ve been booking up even quicker this year than last. But, there’s still cottages available so let us know if you’d like to come visit us!

We’re proud to have so many returning customers and they’ve made reserving a cottage at our resort a hot item. There are so many reasons to love this spot in Michigan’s UP which help draw families back year after year.

During this off-season, we were narrowing down our most favorite reasons why we love our resort. If you’ve been following along on our Facebook page, you’ve been seeing our countdown to vacation season. If you’re not already following us on Facebook, please do so here:

Here’s a recap of our countdown from number 10 through 6:

From April 9th:

Only one more month until we open for 2015!

We can’t wait, so to pass the time until May 9th, we’re doing a countdown of our Top Ten Favorite Things to do at Pavlica’s South Shore Resort!

#10 – Campfires and S’mores at the water’s edge!

10353456_1647575318795947_889182623204396703_o 10835257_1647575315462614_6130267874421624161_o

From April 17th:

To continue our countdown of our Top Ten Favorite Things to do at Pavlica’s South Shore Resort, here’s number 9…

#9 – The abundant Wildlife that surrounds the resort!

PSSR Loons 02

PSSR Geese 01



From April 23rd:

Moving on to number eight of our Top Ten Favorite things about Pavlica’s South Shore Resort…

#8 – Waking up to these SUNRISES every morning!

(PS. We open for business in only 16 short days!)

PANO IMG_7558_7561 watermarked

From April 27th:

#7 – Water Sports!

Less than two weeks before we open for 2015! Here’s number 7 on our list of things to do at Pavlica’s South Shore Resort.

IMG_2094 copy IMG_0754 copy



From April 29th:

#6 – Stargazing

From this latitude 46.15° north of the equator – paired with extremely low light pollution – the visible night sky above our resort is incredible!

The last few years have been the peak of the Sun’s 11-year solar cycle which produces breathtaking displays of the Northern Lights. When the Aurora Borealis is visible, our cottages offer a front row seat!

Just like the rest of the pictures you’ve seen posted during this countdown to vacation season, all were photographed at our resort.

03_IMG_2358_Northern Lights copy IMG_0529 copy IMG_0540 copy IMG_0543 2

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